Whether you are looking for a modern studio carved in century old walls, or a bright and cozy apartment in an old town attic, or maybe a big apartment on several floors outside of the city bustle, we can deliver you the best experience. Find out more about us.

TTT Rovinj
TTT Apartmani Rovinj About us

My name is Tamara, I love nature and slow Mediterranean food. I can not easily imagine to live in a place that is not on the sea coast. For us would be like living in a house without windows. I speak Yugoslavian, Italian and English. I published two books of poems in Italian, writing is one of my passions. Another of my passions is crochet that I learned thanks to YouTube tutorials.

Kristian, my boyfriend, is a professional musician, we live in the same small condominium where two of the three hosted apartments are situated.

We travel a lot because of Kristian’s work and talent, even in the States where he had the pleasure of performing at the SXSW Festival in Austin, and we often stay in private apartments.

My family has always host so we decided to do the same and offer our apartments for rent and continue a family tradition.

The latest addition to our family is our beautiful sweetheart Tita, a friendly happy dogo argentino. You can meet her, only if you want to.

Welcome to all of you good and kind people that will decide to visit our magical town and stay at our precious apartments.